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1/10 of the way through nonfiction books December 8, 2007

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I just finished The Greatest Generation Speaks: Letters and Reflections by Tom Brokaw.  That’s 5 nonfictions books.  Only 45 more to go.

I really enjoyed this one.  Its was very touching hearing about so many people’s experiences.  I think I’ll have to pick up the first book soon.


More literary bonus work November 20, 2007

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I just thought of another little extra credit-y thing to add to my list.  I’d like to submit 12 little pieces for The Sun magazine’s “Reader’s Write” section.  Even if they never get published, it’ll make me flex my writing skills a bit more.



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I did #73 and made a fruit pie – blackberry in fact.  Not a very pretty pie, but it was good.  I’m willing to make more even in my efforts to be a more well-rounded baker. 


Mowing Down the List November 11, 2007

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We went to Chicago this weekend which was #12.  While there, we had a wonderful English style tea (#96) and rode the city busses ( extra credit #111).  On the way back, I even tried a new veggie – okra (#71).  It was deep fried though and I bet everything is good dee fried, but I liked getting it just to see Char’s look of horror at the word okra.


Halloween Party Completed! (#87) November 4, 2007

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We had our party and had an assortment of devils, demons, and movie characters. 


500 a year October 25, 2007

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I have made some progress on my list lately.  I read another nonfiction book.

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf was right up my alley being a reader and a feminist.  It was very interesting to think about the dearth of early women writers and the state of women in real life compared to woman in works of literature.

I really liked contemplating what marvelous things Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen could have accomplished on beyond their masterpieces had they had the freedom and privacy of their male counterparts. 


Scotch! October 8, 2007

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I tried scotch the other night at happy hour – Glenlivet to be exact,  The verdict?  I love the smell of it.  Don’t like it at all on the rocks, but it’s good with water.   Not sure it’ll ever be a regular drink, but I gave it a shot!  Certainly not as many calories as the much loved white russian.